GCER 2016



Delphinus- This bot swept the solar arrays and sorted the poms into the potato bin. This robot used its massive claw in front for the sorting and a long chain of liftarms for the sweeping, as well as a mini servo for holding the potato bin.


Durf- This was our most creative bot yet. Durf was an offensive bot that deployed an arm across the game board. This arm prevented the other team from accessing their ramp and potato bin. Durf scored points from knocking botguy over as well as deploying a chassis (Bob) for the windup toy to PVC hop and knock off the opponents potato bin.


Bob- In this picture you can see the last of the DE setup. Bob is the chassis which connects to Durf via servo extension cables. Bob rests on a ramp that’s held up by Delphinus. When Delphinus starts the ramp is dropped deploying Bob, Bob hits the PVC and releases the Windup toy.



Little Dipper- This bot here knocked over the green orb on the small section of PVC, then used its arm to lift up the movable section of PVC between both sides of the board. Then Little Dipper stole the other teams potato bin, while sweeping the solar arrays.

Little Buddy- This bot sorted the red and green poms with an advanced camera function. It would find the poms, hit them with its arm and drive back and forth to ensure the poms slipped through the axles staying in the claw. Next the bot would bring its claw back to store the poms in a container made of paper.



This is our showcase bot. This bot jumped without the help of a wallaby.



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